Auto Addicts - Volume Two

Auto Addicts - Volume Two


The second of our printed journals featuring a range of extraordinary tales, features and interviews all focused around the eccentricity which accompanies owning, restoring and racing vintage cars some with remarkable history. What is it which makes you buy a Porsche 962? We cover 2018’s biggest classic adventures and find out what they are really like from the driving seat with exclusive driver interviews from; The Flying Scotsman, Le Mans Classic, Mille Miglia, Monaco GP Historique and some of the more obscure The Rattletrap, Milano Taranto and Speed Week from Lake Gairdner. South Australia. 

Shipping from October 22nd 

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Auto Addicts is a classic lifestyle magazine connecting a like minded community of creatives, writers and top photographers with classic adventure thrill seekers through a series of first hand stories reporting on the heroes of the hour all accompanied by some stunning photography. We believe those that dare to do should be applauded and a moment of endeavour should be captured and preserved in high quality print. Auto Addicts is 134pages printed on a high quality 140gsm uncoated stock, which is perfect bound with a soft touch matt laminated cover. There is a limited number of copies.